Space, Time, and Body Asunder



May – June 2016


The Hiroshima Archive houses a digital collection of interviews, audio, and video materials that tell the stories of survivors who experienced the dropping of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Japan at the end of World War II. By telling these stories, the Archive aims to keep alive the voices of those who narrowly escaped one of the cruelest events of death and destruction in human history and to open dialogue on peace, resilience, and disarmament in a nuclear era.

In this project, I seek to represent these voices through a different perspective — one that is about the fragmentation of body, space, and time that resulted from the bomb and its effects thereafter. Using the text of survivor interviews collected in the Archive, this visualization highlights common themes across them all and survivors’ relationships to those themes. From body to time, and from space to the physical world, these themes demonstrate that survivors’ stories are a universal and timeless testament to the fragility of human life.