Silenced Histories: The Archive of the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, 1930 – 1955


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April – June 2019


The Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ) at Northeastern University (Boston, MA) conducts research and supports policy initiatives on anti-civil rights violence in the United States from 1930 – 1970. As part of this research, CRRJ has investigated hundreds of cases of racial violence, producing an archive of materials for each case to support restorative justice efforts and increase public awareness of historical injustices by reclaiming space for the narratives of victims of racial violence. For more information, see the Burnham Nobles Archive at CRRJ.

I helped design and engineer an application to enable interactive exploration of the Burnham Nobles Archive. In this application, maps and timelines allow the user to explore the stories of victims in the archive, situating those stories both geographically and temporally. The resulting interactive map and timeline is the product of a collaboration with CRRJ, the NuLawLab, and the NULab for Texts, Maps and Networks. This work was supported by funding through a 2019 Northeastern University Tier 1 Grant. In 2019 – 2020, the map was used in trainings being conducted by CRRJ in Massachusetts and the U.S. South.